Who needs pink elephants when you have Dumpy?

dumpy_screen_01“What the hell just happened to me?” Anyone has the opportunity to experience the game Dumpy: Going Elephants will no doubt think the same thing. This trippy game is designed for use with the Oculus Rift and places the player in the role of an elephant on a rampage. As the player moves across a set path, they can clear their way by swinging their head to move their virtual trunk on all directions. The experience is what one would imagine happens when elephants have too much LSD or, in Dumbo’s case, too much to drink. You just have to see it in the video below to believe it. Developed by students in the DePaul University games program for the Indiecade Oculus Rift Jam, this game will no doubt serve as a strange introduction to the world of virtual reality.

[youtube id=”Mnt38csudfQ” width=”600″ height=”350″]