Antichamber: the perfect puzzle game for Oculus Rift


We already know the huge potential of Oculus Rift and how the first-person games are the ones that most enhance its features. Today, we are talking about a puzzle game that has less than a year (it was released January 31, 2013 for PC) and has won so many awards that rivals the triple-A titles. Antichamber is a puzzle adventure out of the ordinary and the players who have been lucky enough to have an experience with the title were fascinated and excited at the same time.

Antichamber comes from the crazy mind of a single developer, Alexander Bruce, who has condensed and revolved the most common tropes of puzzle games, adding a touch of minimalist style and a weird yet cool atmosphere. The game challenges not just the ability of the player, but its very own confidence in the principles of logic itself.


For lovers of puzzle game is a title that resembles in some ways the most famous Portal, but, unlike the latter, Antichamber gives no reference points to the player. Antichamber will never spoonfeed you, instead he will threat to trap yourself in its most profound mechanisms, giving no way of escape from its infernal loop. Antichamber is a twisted maze in which our perception of space is constantly changing, a place where, to solve the puzzles, we should rely on the advice written on the walls, more than indications, which appear to be a sort of aphorisms to keep in mind, or more likely a spiritual guide.

[youtube id=”ec91_zZ-Ag8″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

Antichamber is the typical title which seems second nature for Oculus Rift. Wearing the visor, our understanding of the space will be completely changed, and the feeling of being trapped in an Hypercube style-world will be eerie and unsettling. Try not to lose yourself…